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About RMI Transformation.

A business approach to black economic transformation for sustainable and inclusive growth is contained in this Position Paper (“Position Paper”), with the following key themes emerging:

The RMI plays a critical role in engaging with Government and other stakeholders, and lobbying Government on behalf of its members on all matters relating to transformation. The RMI recognises that the ultimate goal of black economic transformation is a deracialised economy that seeks to broaden and deepen economic benefit and participation. Economic transformation is required to achieve and maintain a competitive and sustainable economy, and secure inclusive growth and empowerment. The RMI is fully committed to accelerate this process working with its associations, Government and key social partners including organised labour.

Economic transformation within the RMI is to be achieved through sustainable interventions such as quality education and skills development for black people, employment creation (particularly amongst black youth) as well as enterprise development and the creation of ownership opportunities for black people within the value chain of the RMI.

Accelerated transformation will require the RMI to engage with Government, businesses and other key stakeholders, such as organised labour, to collaborate and work together in partnership at the following levels:

o   Provide overall direction with regard to RMI’s policy on transformation and how associations can work together on various programmes.

o   To measure, monitor and evaluate all initiatives to be able to provide feedback on status and progress.