Jasmeena Patel Shiba


Paving the Way for Women in the Automotive Industry

In the male-dominated automotive industry, Jasmeena Patel Shiba stands tall as a trailblazer, the first female Director of Royal Tyres in its 84-year history. Her journey from an IT Analyst in the UK to a prominent figure in the automotive world is a testament to her tenacity and passion for the family-run business.

 Born in Durban in 1975, Jasmeena’s entry into the automotive industry was not a conventional one. Her father, recognising her potential, encouraged her and her sister to spend school holidays at the family business. Little did she know that these early experiences as ‘real-life receptionists’ would sow the seeds of her future career path.

A Pioneering Spirit

Reflecting on her role models, Jasmeena is quick to praise every
woman for the profound impact they have on society. The ability to embrace
various roles, from daughter to wife to mother, and navigate through life’s
challenges with adaptability and resilience, inspires her greatly. She finds
inspiration in women who break through barriers, paving the way for others to

 Work/Life Balance

In life and in business, Jasmeena lives by her favourite quote from
Ben Franci, “Be all in or get all out. There is no halfway.” This
quote has driven her to commit fully to her role as a business owner, wife, and
mother, all while maintaining a sense of balance. She acknowledges the
importance of a strong support system, including her partner and family, who
play a pivotal role in helping her manage the demands of her multifaceted life.

 From IT Analyst to Automotive Business Owner

Transitioning from an IT Analyst to an automotive business Director
was no small feat for Jasmeena. Joining the family business in 2011, she faced
a steep learning curve, navigating unfamiliar terrain. Her determination to
succeed, mentorship from her father, leaning on experienced professionals and
the RMI and TEPA, and building relationships to overcome obstacles, became the
foundation of her growth in the industry. Her journey underscores the
importance of continuous learning and growth.

 Empowering Women Through Knowledge

As a firm believer in women empowerment, Jasmeena has taken
initiatives to support and uplift other women within her business and the
industry. Through women empowerment programmes and free workshops on
tyre-changing skills, she fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among
female customers and industry peers.

 Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Women

To women aspiring to enter the automotive industry, Jasmeena offers
invaluable advice. In a male-centric world, she advocates for women to embrace
their unique strengths and not feel compelled to adopt masculine traits. By
focusing on goals, leading by example, and persevering through challenges,
women can shatter barriers and make their mark.

 Jasmeena firmly believes that women in the automotive industry bring
a fresh perspective and problem-solving skills to the table. They naturally
multitask, making decisions and managing responsibilities with efficiency and
grace. However, she recognises that there’s still progress to be made, and
calls on women to trust in themselves, be their own champions, and push the
boundaries of what’s possible.

 Testament to Grit and Character

Hearing about Jasmeena’s journey, we are reminded of the incredible
resilience and determination that women possess. Through her unique story, we
find inspiration to navigate the challenges of the automotive industry and
embrace the opportunities that await us. Jasmeena’s success stands as a
testament to the grit and character required to thrive in this challenging yet
rewarding domain.

 Jasmeena’s journey showcases the incredible potential and
contribution of women in the automotive industry. As we learn from her
experiences, we are empowered to embrace our own unique paths and make a
lasting impact in this ever-evolving field.