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Marcia Modiba



Going from strength the strength

 In a male-dominated industry like the automotive industry, women continue to break barriers and prove their mettle, and one such woman is Marcia Mathapelo Modiba, the Associational Operations Coordinator at the Motor Industry Workshop Association (MIWA). Marcia shared her inspiring journey in our interview, revealing the determination required to thrive in this challenging field.

An Exciting Ride

From the moment she stepped into the doors of RMI and then MIWA, Marcia knew she was in for an exciting ride. Little did she realise the tremendous personal and professional growth that awaited her. With a commitment to learn and excel, she seized every opportunity that came her way.

Transformative Growth Journey

The journey of growth within RMI and MIWA has been nothing short of transformative for Marcia. The companies’ investment in her personal and professional development has been phenomenal. Numerous trainings and educational opportunities have shaped her into a competent leader. The New Venture Creation programme provided her with invaluable insights, while a bursary helped her pursue a Bachelor’s Degree, bringing her one step closer to her educational goals.

 One of Marcia’s significant achievements came in the form of introducing a Customer Relation Management system (CRM) at MIWA. The program, Portatour, proved to be a game-changer, enhancing efficiency and enabling smooth engagement with members.

 Reflecting on her favourite quote, “Do your best and God will do the rest,” Marcia reveals that faith and hard work have been her guiding principles throughout her journey. She attributes her drive to her role model, her mom, who faced tough challenges but never compromised on her commitment to family. This same dedication fuels Marcia’s desire to be a role model for her own children.

 New Position, New Responsibilities

As the MIWA Associational Operations Coordinator, her responsibilities span coordinating national activities, strategising growth and retention of members, addressing consumer grievances, and overseeing industry events.

 Vision for the Future

As she envisions the future, Marcia sees herself contributing to the spirit of excellence within RMI women. Her commitment to adapting to change, staying relevant to the industry, and imbibing knowledge from experienced mentors will ensure RMI’s continued success for years to come.

 Abundant Opportunities for Growth

To aspiring women entering the automotive industry, Marcia’s message is clear – RMI nurtures its employees and offers abundant opportunities for growth. Understanding the organisation’s culture and continuously learning from various associations within the industry will be the key to success.

 Marcia’s journey in the automotive industry is a testament to the resilience and determination of women in this field. Her inspiring tale serves as a beacon of hope for women, reminding them that they too can carve their path and make a difference in this ever-evolving industry. With faith, perseverance, and the support of organisations like RMI and MIWA, the road to success becomes clear.

 In conclusion, Marcia’s story is a compelling narrative of empowerment, determination, and achievement. With her passion and drive, Marcia continues to make her mark in the automotive world, leaving a trail for others to follow.